Coeus Upgrade to Version - Proposal Development Module Changes

Coeus Updates
Coeus Version was implemented on November 10, 2008.  New fields and functionality enhancements are listed below. 

Proposal tab:
The new field for Anticipated Award Type is not required.  Please complete it based on the information you have about the proposal, sponsor guidelines, etc.  Scroll down to see all choices in the drop-down menu

Organization Tab:
Click “Add” and choose “Performance Site”.   In the Location column, you may enter specific room number information for campus buildings; this does not print to the forms and can be used internally.  Enter the estimated % of work to be performed at each Performance Site.   For each site use “Find Address” to locate the UMB building, off-campus site, or subrecipient site in the Rolodex.  This information does print to the “Performance Site” form. 
If the site is not in the Rolodex, please email Dennis Paffrath or Janet Simons to have it entered.  You may enter non-UMB people in the Rolodex (subrecipient investigators, consultants), but please allow ORD to enter performance sites.
Optional:  You may add the appropriate Congressional Districts, but at this time, the information does not print to the SF-424 form. 

Investigator Tab:
Use this tab only for the Principal Investigator, or for all PD/PI’s on a Multiple Principal Investigator submission (in accordance with NIH instructions or other agency instructions).  Other co-investigators should be listed on the Key Person tab.  UMB will use only the “Effort %” field as in the previous version of Coeus. 

Proposal Personnel screen:
The file name and “last updated” information is now shown on the screen.  Aggregators will have the ability to overwrite a Biosketch while the proposal status is “Approval In Progress”.

Narrative Module:
This module has been enhanced so that all actions can take place in one screen for each added narrative attachment.  The file type and update information are shown for each attachment.   There is just one “add attachment” icon instead of the Word and PDF icons.
REMINDER:  Do not password protect PDFs.  Approvers must be able to review document attachments.  In addition, password protection will cause errors in submissions. 

Budget Module:
There is now an On/Off Campus field on the Budget Summary screen.  This will globally apply the on or off campus F&A rate to all budget items.  When you select from the drop-down menu, a pop-up window appears warning that the budget will be recalculated.  Click “yes”.
In the Budget Persons (“running man”) screen, there is a new button for “Add TBA”.  A number of TBA positions are available and each may be selected more than once.  In the event that you need a position title not listed, please contact ORD.

Subaward Budget:
Coeus now accepts both PureEdge and Adobe Forms versions of the subaward budget, even though the screen headings have not been changed.   You will need to determine from the Funding Opportunity Announcement whether the submission is in PureEdge or Adobe.  

Certain fields in the Rolodex have been made mandatory in order to avoid errors in submissions due to missing data. When you enter a person in the Rolodex, you will need to complete all the fields including, for example, phone number and email address.  Enter "placeholder" data if you do not have some required information available.

Approval Tracking:
A new feature has been added that allows you to review the history of routing a proposal including all reviewer comments.  This is a nice feature particularly for review of proposals that are rejected and resubmitted for approval.