Coeus Users Group meeting - October 14, 2008

Coeus Updates
Marjorie Forster reported on several items:

  • Coeus System Backup - As many of you know, on October 6th, which was an NIH deadline, there was no access to Coeus due to a server failure at CITS.  Dennis Paffrath and his staff in ORD worked to ensure that proposals were submitted via PureEdge.  CITS has already addressed the issue.  The system has been configured to replicate all Coeus data to a backup database.  This solution should minimize downtime and lost data.  A backup web server is still needed and planned.
  • Coeus implementation has been delayed until November 10th. 
  • DOD proposals - Some DOD proposals require that both Word files and PDF files be submitted.  ORD tested the transmission and Word files are successfully transmitted even though they do not print in Coeus.

Budget issues

Enter Budget Details - Dennis reported that in the next few months, the budget that is in Proposal Development will be what is used in eUMB chartstring set-up.  The budget is copied from Proposal Development to the Coeus Award module, minimizing data entry errors.  Therefore, ORD strongly recommends that you enter your budget in the the Coeus budget module using at least high level categories (Salary, Fringe, Supplies, etc.).

Salary Line Items - It is only necessary to use one salary line item for each personnel category.  For example, if you have five investigators on a project, you would create one cost element for Senior Personnel Salary.  In the Personnel Budget Details (ironman icon), add all five investigators and their effort amounts.

More on Salary Line Items - Coeus will allow you to simply enter a quantity and amount for personnel line items.  However, for proposals, this does not property complete the Detailed Budget form.  The Calendar Months will be missing if you do not enter the personnel and their effort from the Personnel Budget Details (ironman icon). 

Graduate student stipends and inflation - A User had a question about graduate student stipends which are set amounts and should not have inflation applied.  In addition, most graduate students do not get fringe benefits, or they only get Workers' Compensation and FICA.  Dennis advised that these items can be customized.  Here's how: 

To use the graduate student as an example, first make sure that the Budget Persons list (running man icon) includes the graduate student by name or one of the TBA graduate student positions with the correct annual stipend amount.  Then create a cost element for Graduate Students Salary.  Click the Edit icon or double-click on the line to open the Budget – Line Item Detail screen.   At this point you can “uncheck” the box labeled “Apply Inflation”.  You can also “uncheck” the box for “Employee Benefits”.  Click OK to save.  Next, click on the ironman icon to open Personnel Budget Details and Add the graduate student with the effort amount.   Finally, if your graduate student does get some fringe benefits (such as Workers’ Compensation and FICA), create another cost element for Graduate Students Fringe.  Note that on the detailed budget, for Graduate Students, the total of the two categories (salary and fringe) will print under the Requested Salary column.

Other Updates

Reports from Coeus data - Code is being written so that reports on Coeus data can be obtained via Raven.  The goal is that any stakeholder, from PI to administrator to Dean, will have appropriate reports.  MIT is also working on some "canned" reports for a future release of Coeus.

Training - Janet Simons, Dennis Paffrath are working closely with Maggi Smith, who is updating the On Demand training modules to reflect changes that are in Coeus as well as our current recommendations and procedures.  Dennis also announced that there will be training offered when Users begin to have access to the Award module.  The School of Medicine has determined that training will be mandatory for administrators with an Aggregator role and also for PIs who enter their own data and budget in addition to uploading attachments.  Danielle Brown noted that training is already mandatory in the School of Nursing.

Subcontract Module - A working group has been review this module for data conversion.  Once implemented, this module with allow ORD and campus users to track outgoing subcontracts as well as invoices.  The subrecipient agreement document will be attached and available to review.

Coeus User Conference 2009 - This is a national conference being held in San Antonio during March 22-24, 2009.  UMB is a member of the Coeus Consortium, which allows us to participate in decisions about software enhancements.  This annual conference is an opportunity for Coeus users at any level to network and discuss their ideas.  Information about past conferences is available on the Consortium website.  For more information, contact Marjorie Forster.