Coeus Users Group meeting - September 9, 2008

Coeus Updates
Marjorie Forster reported on several items:

  • All proposals will be routed through Coeus beginning October 1.
  • Training continues; check the website for updated class offerings.
  • Coeus Subcontract module (for ORD’s tracking of outgoing subawards) – ORD anticipates implementing this module in February.  Plans include backfeed of data from accounts payable for invoice tracking.  Subrecipient request forms will still be used to capture the PI’s signature as well as data needed for the subaward document.
  • Coeus version 4.3.1 and are currently being tested.  As of today, an implementation date of 10/9/08 is planned.
  • Coeus Lite is also being tested; this version of Coeus could be used by many of our PIs and by Approvers.

User Questions
Marjorie reported on several questions that have come to ORD’s attention; Dennis Paffrath and Janet Simons fielded the responses:
Rolodex Issues – To avoid errors, EVERY Rolodex entry for a person should be filled out completely.  Be sure to include phone, fax and email information.  The Organization is required.  It may be helpful to link to an existing Sponsor.  The Coeus FAQs will be updated to include this information.
Specific location addresses can be added in the Rolodex; we are looking at other solutions.
Unlocking a Proposal – we reviewed why a proposal might get locked and how to unlock the proposal.  This is in the Coeus FAQs.
Attachments and pop-up blockers – It was discovered that some people have trouble opening attachments in Coeus because of the browser’s pop-up blocker settings.  You may need to set it to “allow” pop-ups from the Coeus website.
Icon Descriptions – Many Users are unaware of the Icon reference information, available to download as a pdf from the Proposal Toolkit page of the Coeus website.
Inactivate a User -  by using the form for that purpose.  Coeus User Request Forms are available to add a User, remove or deactivate a User, or change a User’s role or unit.
Find your most recent version of a proposal by looking at the Coeus proposal number.  The highest proposal number is your most recent proposal.

Budget issues

Detailed budgets should be included in Coeus proposal even when not required by the Sponsor.  Dennis Paffrath reported that at some point, all budgets will be set up on whatever budget is in Coeus Proposal Development.  The budgets that Users enter in Proposal Development can be copied to the Award module and then entered in eUMB Financials for chartstring set-up.  If the award is reduced from the proposal budget, an across-the-board cut will be applied.  The intent is to speed up the time for chartstring set-up by eliminating as many steps as possible.  Information that was already reviewed for the proposal should not need to be reviewed again at the time of award.

Over-salary-cap – to ensure that a companion chartstring is set up to track over-salary-cap, the institutional base salary should ALWAYS be entered for investigators.  The “percent charged” to the grant can be calculated (Salary cap divided by IBS times actual effort).  The balance will then appear as cost share in Coeus and will trigger setup of the companion chartstring.  See salary cap information on ORD's website.

When copying a proposal with its final budget, the budget and rates can be edited in the duplicated proposal.  Be sure to check and update (as needed) the dates on the Proposal Details tab.  “Sync” the budget to the current rates or go into “Maintain Rates for the Proposal” (% icon or Edit…Rates).  Remember that available rates are based on the Activity Type chosen for the proposal.