Coeus Users Group Meeting - March 10, 2009

Marjorie Forster provided a quick update on RAVEN Reporting from Coeus data.  This is still in the testing stage.  Training will begin in April, and a presentation will be made at the RAC meeting in April.
With regard to the Coeus – eUMB Financials interface, this is in the design stage.

Marjorie also announced that Coeus will be down for most of the day on Saturday, March 14th; CITS is performing maintenance on the servers.  In addition, three UMB modifications to Coeus will be implemented.

In addition to Coeus modifications that UMB can do internally, UMB has “infrastructure” funds at the level of the Coeus Consortium.  We have requested three modifications that the will become part of a new release if approved:  (1) a checkbox for each narrative to mark it as “final”, (2) a checkbox with functionality to include or not include cost-share information on the SF424 form, (3) a modification that affects how UMB can set up roles and approval mapping.

Dennis Paffrath provided “Tips and Tricks”, including some frequent errors made by Coeus users.
Proposal Detail tab:  Should the Sponsor be NIH or the specific institute?  For new and resubmission grants, use NIH; for noncompeting, use the specific institute.

Do not use the Proposal Types that start with “Z(ORD)”.  These are used in the Coeus Award module nearly all are award modifications that do not need to be routed.  If you are routing a proposal to obtain a temporary/Preaward Spending chartstring, please use the Proposal Type that is associated with the proposal, i.e., new, continuation, renewal, etc. link:  If you get a message to the effect that Coeus is unable to transmit the proposal to, it means that there is no schema in Coeus for one or more of the forms.  You will need to use Adobe Forms and route using the process for “electronic system other than”.  (This means we cannot send the application system-to-system directly from Coeus to

Also, at this point, the “2007 End Point” should always be selected.

On the Forms tab of the Submission Details screen, be sure to “include” the appropriate budget form(s) and cover letter when appropriate. - remember that the two-day “error correction window” is in place for submissions.  This is to be used to correct electronic submission errors (“system-identified errors/warnings”), not user error.

Organization tab:  Do not use the dropdown choice “Other Organization”.  There is currently a bug if that is selected for a submission.

For the performance site, do not give equal percentages to multiple UMB sites.   In other words, use 51%/49% for two nearly equal UMB performance sites.

Mailing Info tab:  Use the deadline date.  ORD staff prioritize work by deadline date and proposals without date may slip through the cracks.  Use the actual date needed.  If we are a subcontractor, the date that our information is needed by the prime applicant institution will be before the agency deadline. 

NEW NEW NEW:  Science Code tab – the name of this tab will be changed.  We will collect data on this tab about whether an application is submitted in response to the stimulus funding opportunities (ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009).

Budget:   Almost always use one line per budget category (supplies, equipment, etc.).  These categories are combined for the 424 forms as well as for budget data in RAVEN.  For personnel categories, please use the Ironman to populate the personnel data.  Allow Coeus to calculate the fringe rate.  If the fringe rate in Coeus (26%) does not reflect the average rate for the project personnel, change the employee benefits rate for your proposal (% icon or Edit – rates).

In the cost element, DO NOT uncheck the box to “apply” indirect costs.  Choose the correct cost element and the calculation of F&A will be correct.

On the cost element, you should no longer be choosing on or off campus.  Choose on or off campus for the entire proposal on the Budget Summary screen   Also, do not use “Default”.  Choose on or off.
If the proposal uses a Modular budget, check the “Modular Budget” checkbox on the Budget Summary screen.  Note that if you make a copy of the proposal, this is one of the items that needs to be re-checked.
Narrative:  Double-check that your attachment is really a PDF.  Highlight the line and at the bottom of the screen you will see the file name associated with that line.  Make sure it is a PDF (for submissions) and do not use “special characters” in the file name. 

Special note:  If you are attaching a Subaward Budget, be sure that the justification attached within this file is a PDF document!

Coeus modifications being moved into “production” this weekend:  (1) on the Key Person tab, the role will no longer be automatically populated from the HR record.  You will be required to enter the role, which should be the role on the project (e.g., project coordinator), not their HR title (e.g. research assistant).  (2) the ability to create a proposal hierarchy will be removed.  We are not using this and have not done much testing on it.  We anticipate that we may need to restore this ability at some point when complex grants such as centers and program projects are submitted system-to-system via Coeus.  (3) the standard message for “bypassing” approvals in Coeus has been removed so that those who have this authority will need to write a customized message for the proposal.  This “bypass” authority is used when a proposal has already been approved through the system and we need to submit a copy of the proposal, or we had to reject for a minor correction.  Reminder:  If you are an aggregator creating a proposal for your PI, be sure to add the PI as an aggregator (Edit – Proposal Roles).

A Coeus User asked about whether there is any way to make the browser window open to a preferred location or the last used location (when opening the browser window to upload a file).  This request is on the list of possible enhancements to Coeus.  We do not know yet whether it will be included in a future release but it is on the radar. has had lots of problems lately.  Be sure to route as early as possible.  Coeus has been easier to work with than using Adobe Forms directly, but we have still had some issues.  You can check the status of a submitted proposal in the Submission Details screen, submission status tab, and click Refresh.  If you see a message about “Nesting”, this is common…do not worry about this one.

Coeus User question:  Is there any way for a PI to delegate to an administrator the ability to see the proposal status in Commons?  --we will ask Colin Hunter to check into this.

Approval status of a proposal – in most cases you should be able to get the status information from Coeus.  Select the “flag” icon or Action – Approve.  You can then highlight each of the approval steps and the date and time of approval will be noted, or “waiting for approval”.

Coeus User question:  Is anyone looking into using a PDA for Coeus?  --Yes, we are testing (Blackberry, iPhone) to determine whether Coeus can be accessed.  We would anticipate using these devices only to View an application (not Edit) or to Approve.

More about the ARRA/Stimulus:  Funded projects will require significant quarterly reporting.  A failure to submit these reports on time may lead to the funds being withdrawn from UMB.  UMB is working to ensure that we succeed with reporting requirements for these funds, which will include data from HR, eUMB Financials, and Coeus.