Coeus Users Group Meeting - February 10, 2009

Marjorie Forster reminded the group of the planned Coeus downtime on February 20 from 6 AM till noon.  Coeus version 4.3.2 will be moved into production at that time.  This version includes some bug fixes.  Of interest to UMB are: 
(1) when narratives are uploaded during the "Approval in Progress" status, we have had problems with the status of the narrative changing from Complete to Incomplete.  This bug has been fixed in 4.3.2
(2) the e-mail notification preferences were not working, and in 4.3.2, we should now be able to "turn off" e-mail by setting the preference to "No".
Additional validations have been included in this release as well.

Dennis Paffrath commented on the recent NIH deadline. was extremely slow - nationwide and not due to any Coeus issues.  In fact, the system-to-system applications tended to go through with fewer problems than other submissions.  Still, there are still three proposals that have not yet made it to NIH Commons and ORD is working with to resolve these. implemented an upgrade last weekend to increase the number of licenses (i.e., the number of users that can access at any one time) from only 325 to 2000! This should help with future proposal submissions.

NIH K Awards - NIH recently issued a notice that all K award applications except K12 must be submitted electronically.  The forms are not yet available in Coeus - they are expected in the next version which will be released this month but then will undergo thorough testing here at UMB.  Those of you submitting K award applications must download and complete the Adobe forms.  (Don't forget - use Adobe Reader to open and complete the forms!)  Upload the completed application as a narrative attachment in Coeus and ORD will submit the application via 

According to the NIH Transition Timeline, the F mechanism (Individual National Research Service Awards) will transition in August and the T mechanism (Institutional Training Grants) and others will finally transition in September. 

Proposal locking - Dennis commented that ORD (Dennis, Janet Simons, or Na Tirasuth) can unlock proposals if all else fails.  You can delete your own lock.  If you are trying to get into a proposal but someone else has it "locked", please check with that person first.  While ORD can delete the lock, we are hesitant to do that....if the person really is using the proposal and we delete the lock, they will get "kicked out" and will lose any unsaved data. 

Proposal personnel - The Principal Investigator must be listed only on the Investigator tab, and other personnel on the Key Person tab.  If you need to correct the error of having a person listed on both tabs, follow the instructions described here.

Marjorie reported that the RAVEN reporting tool for Coeus data is now in testing with a goal to release in March.  Robin Reid will initiate training next month and training is recommended.  The tool will be demonstrated at the next Coeus Users meeting (March 10th).  The Coeus data in RAVEN will be linked via the Project ID to eUMB Financials data in RAVEN.  Your ability to view the eUMB data is based on your current security privileges for RAVEN.  Future plans are to create a report for a profile of pending and funded projects for any proposal personnel. 

Marjorie asked if there would be any interest in a report on future (anticipated) funding of existing awards.  For example, for an NIH award, ORD enters the data for the current year as well as the future recommended funding.  A number of attendees said that they would definitely find such a report helpful -- "good management tool".

Vanessa Foreman asked that the RAVEN reporting tool be demonstrated at the next RAC meeting (March 12th).

Dennis provided an update on the interface between Coeus and eUMB.  This is still in the design phase with a target date of July 1 for implementation.  The interface will allow eUMB to be automatically populated with Coeus data for chartstring set-up.

Dennis announced that Pegah Parsi has joined Team D in ORD.

Dennis also announced that in an effort to streamline the process for issuing subcontracts, ORD is working on web-based versions of the subcontract request form and the related subcontract request for changes form.  ORD would then be able to use the data from the web-based form to populate the Coeus subcontract record and also to populate the template used for many of the subcontracts.

One of the Coeus Users asked about using Coeus on a Blackberry.  This is not currently an option but the Coeus Project Team is looking at a possible solution.

One of the Coeus Users asked about the "Submission End Point" on the screen in Coeus.  Essentially, the 2007 End Point is for Adobe Forms submissions, and the 2006 End Point is for PureEdge submissions (no longer used by NIH, but still used by some of the other Federal agencies).   The "Schema URL" on the screen will begin with "http://apply06" for the 2006 End Point and "http://apply07" for the 2007 End Point.  Users should choose the correct End Point.  ORD will check this as part of the review, and ORD can make a correction to the End Point selection even while the proposal is in the status of Approval in Progress.