Coeus Users Group meeting - January 13, 2009

Marjorie Forster reminded everyone of the upcoming Coeus User Conference, which includes sessions on the Coeus Proposal Development module.

Dennis Paffath reviewed certain new processes announced by the Restricted Funds Taskforce that will affect Coeus Users.  The full presentation and handouts are on the ORD website.  
--Proposal Budgets:  If the Sponsor does not require a detailed budget, then you have the option to enter in Coeus only the direct and indirect costs for each budget period.  (It is recommended that you break out any equipment and subcontracts.)  The budget detail (or lack thereof) in Coeus Proposal Development will be copied to the Award module and then to eUMB Financials and RAVEN.  If your award is set up in eUMB with minimal budget details, then you can make changes via budget modification requests.
--Preaward Spending:  A routed proposal is required (except NIH noncompeting...see below).  Use the
new form, complete all sections and obtain signatures.  Scan and send it to
--As of July 1:  Restricted Funds will process all budget modification requests; they will no longer go through ORD.  Also, July 1 is the target date for a direct interface between Coeus and eUMB Financials for chartstring setup.
--NIH noncompeting continuation applications (progress reports) no longer need to be routed!  This applies ONLY to NIH noncompeting applications.  If the application is submitted via eSNAP, ORD will approve it electronically.  If the application is submitted in hard copy, have the entire application delivered to ORD for signature.

Reminder:  Dennis reminded everyone that when entering a modular budget, be sure to go to Edit
Modular Budgets, complete and "sync" the modular budget.

Coeus Training:  Do you need a refresher?  If you have already taken a Coeus class but want to re-take the class, this is OK.  Just contact Maggi Smith to make the request.  If you have already taken a class, the on-line registration system will not allow you to register a second time.

Marjorie provided a brief update on the plans for RAVEN reporting from Coeus data.  The Proposal report (data comes from the Institute Proposal module in Coeus) has already been tested and the Award report is almost ready for testing.  There is a July 1 target date for implementation.

Marjorie also updated the group on the Coeus-eUMB interface targeted for July 1.  The first phase will initiate the chartstring set-up process in eUMB.  The second phase will address "combo edits" in eUMB, which is part of the award process, and the third phase will address changes to existing awards (such as extensions and increases).

Dennis also commented on a new requirement for research agreements.  Agreements must be routed before ORD will initiate review and any necessary negotiation of the agreement document.  There have been too many instances where an agreement has been negotiated and the budget and/or workscope was changed as a result of the routing and approval process.  It is very difficult to go back to a sponsor after an agreement has already been finalized and tell them that we need to reopen negotiations on payment terms or other terms.  Therefore, please route as soon as the scope of work and budget are available.