Center for Information Technology Services

Web Development Standards

The following templates and design standards have been created in order to help you develop a consistent look and feel for the University of Maryland, Baltimore websites. Please review the information below and if you have any questions or need further information, please contact the Web Development department for assistance with online applications, forms and online database backend systems and contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs for assistance with web site updates, redesigns, templates, style guides and branding related issues.

Web Development Standards:

  • Coldfusion Application Development: is primarily the responsibility of the CITS Web Development Department. In the event a web developer/staff from any department, school, or administrative unit wants to develop/change a Coldfusion application, form, or file on the UMB web server - you must contact a member of the Web Development Department in order to make sure that settings, database connectivity, and security are applied correctly. In addition, the content should follow the Coldfusion Web Development Standards in order to prevent negative impact to other systems, applications, and servers.
  • General Web Development using HTML: each of the seven schools and the administrative units are responsible for maintaining the content for their own web pages. The web developers/staff from each school or administrative unit will have the ability to make these changes as required without additional review or approval. However, it is recommended that the following styleguide and standards be followed for this type of development and if there are any questions about these standards, developers should contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs.

Web Development Templates:

Please refer to the styleguide when using the campus template, for assistance or questions about the styleguide contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs


It is important to make web sites accessible both for people with disabilities and mobile devices.

If you are faculty, staff or student at UMB who supports or maintains web pages, please review the Accessibiilty Guidelines for more information about how to improve the accessibility of your site.  For questions about online accessibility, please contact the Web Development Department.