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The Center for Information Technology Services provides web development services and consulting related to developing and maintaining the UMB websites and online applications.  Members of the Web Development Group collaborate with representatives from each school on style, content, changes, and emerging online technologies as related to their websites. 

Web application development (using Coldfusion), campus-wide web design & development, CMS and server administration are the responsibility of the Center for Information Technology Services Web Development Department.  View guidelines about the services and support provided by the CITS Web Department.

Other useful information:

The Web Development Department is responsible for: 

  • Web design & development
  • Credit card forms/processing
  • Coldfusion web design & development
  • Custom web application development
  • Introducing and driving web-related technology changes  
  • Providing Updates on Online Accessibility issues and standards 
  • Support and maintain iTunesU
  • Support and maintain Google Search Appliance (GSA)
  • Managing Content Management System usage, backend support, training, security, etc.  View list of websites in the CMS.
  • Maintaining web servers for campus websites and applications
  • Developing and Managing campus web applications including:
    • ADEAS
    • Campus Alerts
    • Campus Calendar
    • Campus Classroom Inventory
    • Campus Directory and Lookup via Telephone System
    • Campus Life weekly news submission form and upload app
    • Campus wide Policies system
    • CCT Survey
    • CITS Firewall Requests
    • CITS Software Licensing
    • CITS Training
    • COOP system
    • Counseling Center Patient Mgmt System
    • Credit Card Processing forms
    • CSMH Conference Abstract Submission
    • Custom CMS modules
    • Early Childhood Mental Health’s app (ECMHC_OM)
    • EPI Faculty timesheet app
    • eNews (News and Events emailing)
    • Faculty Appointments and Promotions
    • Faculty Survey/Effort Reports
    • Faculty Senate Online Election Nomination/Ballot
    • Financial Aid sign-ups App
    • Firewall Change requests
    • Freezer (Bioresco) Program & BioPark Program
    • HIPAA Surveys
    • HR Online Course Registration
    • Human Resources Tuition Remission
    • InvenioIP (ORD State-wide Technology application and website)
    • Institute System
    • OneCard Affiliates Program
    • Parking Lottery system
    • Poison Center Online store
    • School of Dentistry Applications:
      • Calendar
      • Committee Search application
      • Conference Room Scheduling
      • Continuing Education
      • Directory (Limited to Dental School faculty/staff and department only)
      • DDS Online Admissions forms & reports
      • Faculty & Staff
      • Faculty & Staff Bio
      • HIPAA Test
      • IT forms
      • Learning Center
      • Online Professional Praactice Listings
      • Online Professional Opportunity Listings
      • Recent Graduate and Exit Surveys
      • Syllabi Project
      • Student Bio
      • Website Administration System
    • School of Social Work Applications:
      • Child Welfare Academy conference form
      • Early Childhood Tracker
      • Course Selector
      • Effort Reporting
      • Faculty Research & Online Guide
      • Family Connections App
      • Field Placement & Referral system
      • Job Listing
      • Online Registration
      • Online News Bulletin
      • Resource Mentoring Project Technical Assistance Provider Network
      • Social Work Conference
      • Student Programs
      • The Institute System
      • Training app for Child Welfare Academy & Adult Services
      • Weekly Utilization Reports (MCAII) 
    • SOLAR system
    • Staff Senate Elections
    • Resident Evaluation Tool (CBASS) for JHU and UM
    • UM Directory Services OneCard System
      • Barcode Lookup used by HSHSL
      • Card Reissue
      • New Employee Issue
    • UMnet website and News & Events posting System
    • UMBC SSW Field Placement System
    • WebAdmin - Custom Security App.
    • WebFTP Utility
    • Wellness Hub System - incentive, awards and calendar
    • Wellness Hub Audio Media Library
    • Writing Center scheduling app

To contact the Web Development staff, you can call 410-706-3000 or contact them via email.

Web Development Staff 

Trisha Kaufman

Asst. Director, Web Development
  410-706-2257 or 410-706-3000, ext 1
Chris RaabLead Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 2
Tom ConnollySenior Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 3
Nick PetersSenior Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 4
Kathryn HeilmanWeb Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 5
Lonnie BroadnaxSenior Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 6
Colleen HoffmeisterSenior Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 7
Nathan StanfordLead Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 8
Yousaf RiazLead Web Developer
  410-706-3000, ext 9

Web Standards

In order for the University of Maryland website to have a consistent look and feel, navigation, and flow, there are certain templates and standards that have been developed. Please view these web standards when developing websites for the University of Maryland campus.  Don't forget to consider web content accessibility for mobile devices and users with disabilities.  Making your website mobile friendly is also becoming an important factor to consider as more people are using mobile devices to view information.