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Content Management System Tips & Tricks

Below are tips and tricks to commonly asked questions or issues that users of the Content Management System (Site Executive) may encounter:

Question or Issue

Tips and Tricks

Editing content within a webpage
  • I am trying to go to the next line and each time I press <Enter> there is a gap/space between each sentence.  I only want it to go to the next line and not have a gap between the lines.
  • Before you press <Enter> at the end of the line, hold down your <shift> key.
  • I'm trying to change the font of some words on a page.
  • Before you can apply a new "style" you have to highlight the text you want to change the font/stle on, click on the eraser next to the "style" dropdown, and then choose the style in the dropdown that you want to use.
  • I want a QR code to put on my site or a banner to direct people to my web site.
  • Go to and follow the directions to create the QR code.  Then download the image (adjust using an image manipulation tool if necessary) and put it on your site or banner.
  • I have a /images folder that I've uploaded pictures into and am trying to display them as thumbnails and then create a link to the pages, but they're not showing up.
  • There is an images folder (with lowercase i) outside the CMS that is still being used by non-CMS websites and thus that folder is restricted and can't be linked to within the CMS.  If you want to link to images within your folder so they display without having within a webpage, rename the images folder by using an uppercase I (ie. Images).
Replacing Content
  • I've created a new web page in the CMS (pageB) and want to replace another web page (pageA) already in my website with the content of the new page.  I don't want to just delete the original web page (pageA) and rename the new page (pageB) with the name of the original page (pageA) because I would lose all the history and links going to the original page (pageA).  How can I update the old page (pageA) to look like the new page (pageB), without having to redo all the work, links, fonts, etc.
  • 1.  Click on the original page : pageA.html
  • 2.  Under the Desktop tab click on the "Replace Content" button
  • 3.  Choose the source page that you wish to replace the content from : In your case pageB.html (you will have to publish this first)
  • 4.  Click replace : This will replace the original page's current editable version with the active version of the other page
Advanced Forms
  • I have a form that has multiple fields for people to enter email addresses and when the confirmation email is sent, I want all those emails entered on the form the receive the confirmation.  How do I designate multiple fields on the form if you can only specify one "to" field?
  • In the Results Handler properties of an Advanced Forms there is a drop down field that allows you to select "reserved condition email results". This field allows you to send a conditional email based on the selection the user makes or inputs the user provides. In other words, by selecting “reserved conditional email results” you are telling SiteExecutive to use a field in the form to determine where the email will be sent.  You will also need to add some custom code to the Advanced Properties of the form.
  • People have completed my form and I haven't received their comments?  Where did it go?
  • There is a SPAM feature within the CMS that may have assumed the information submitted was inappropriate, etc.  Select the form in question on the site tree under Modules >> Advanced Forms and then you will see a tab on the right of the screen called "SPAM".  Click on the tab to see any information that has been classified as SPAM.  You can view the content by clicking on the magnifying glass and then choose to delete it or mark it as not spam.  If you choose to mark it as not spam, it will be submitted and confirmation emails will be completed as a normal submission would have done.  We recommend you add someone's email at the top of this SPAM screen so that the CMS will notify that person anytime content is marked as SPAM so they can quickly check whether it was accurate.
Pop-Up Blockers - "Access is denied" Error
  • I clicked on an icon to do something in the CMS and nothing is happening.


  • Users encounter "Access is denied" error when using SiteExecutive functionality.
  • Most of the functions in the CMS require pop-up windows to appear so you can choose or enter the appropriate information needed (ie. replacing images or files, deletions, using the Object Viewer or other utilities.)  This error occurs when the Pop-up Blocker is enabled and therefore, blocks pop-ups from the site. Users may also notice the Internet Explorer alert:  
    Because the Preview page opens in a new window, pop-ups from the site should be enabled to allow the Preview of the page to display as expected.  

To enable Pop-ups for a specific site:  

  • If the editor is open, save and close the page or template.
  • Right-click on the pop-up blocker alert
  • Select Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site.
Recommended IE Settings (IE 7.0 is recommended for version 4.1.1)
  • Recommended IE settings for IE 6 and 7 when using the SiteExecutive tool. 

For best performance within the SiteExecutive Administrative interface, computers should meet specific requirements. Configuration settings and software on computers should be checked prior to the use of the SiteExecutive tool.
Currently, SiteExecutive is certified to be used with Internet Explorer 6.0.x and Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 2000 or Windows XP with a recommended screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. In addition, certain settings should be set in Internet Explorer for SiteExecutive to work properly.

Internet Explorer 6 settings:

  • Browser should check for newer versions of stored pages at Every Visit to the Page  
  • The site should be in the Trusted Sites Zone  
  • The site should be included in the Always Allow list of Pop-up Blocker 
  • JavaScript and ActiveX controls should be Enabled in Trusted Sites Security  
  • ActiveX should be up to date  

Internet Explorer 7 settings:

  • Browser should check for newer versions of stored pages at Every Visit to the Page  
  • The site should be in the Trusted Sites Zone  
  • The site should be included in the Always Allow list of Pop-up Blocker 
  • JavaScript and ActiveX controls should be Enabled in Trusted Sites Security 
  • Allow programmatic clipboard access in the Security Settings
  • Configure Internet Explorer 7 Feed Reader Settings
Macintosh Computer users (Mac is supported in version 4.1.1)
  • SiteExecutive can now be accessed from a Macintosh computer using an application called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client. This is a free application available from Microsoft. You must first have an available Windows-based computer that is configured to use as a host for the remote connection. This can be accomplished in several steps.
  1. Configure a Windows-based computer to be used as a remote connection host.
  2. Download Remote Desktop Connection Client 1.0.3.
  3. Install Remote Desktop Connection Client on a Macintosh computer.
  4. Configure Remote Desktop Connection Client to connect to the PC host.

Please contact the Helpdesk or CITS Web Department for assistance with the above steps.

  • Trying to use a newer Mac (with Intel processor) to update your web pages in the CMS?
If you have a recent Mac (with an Intel processor) it is recommend getting VMWare Fusion -- -- which lets you run Windows on a Mac without too much trouble. On older Macs with a PowerPC chip, you can run Virtual PC, but it can be pretty sluggish.  Also if you can remote desktop from a Mac to a Windows pc you can use the pc browser.
How to Insert Flash into a CMS page

To insert a flash file onto your SE page please do the following:

If from a youtube like site:

  1. Take the object embed code
  2. Make a .html file and paste the code in the body
  3. Save it
  4. Upload the .html file into SE.
  5. Use object inclusion module to post the .html containing the video to your site.
Paste Special Rendering Classes as Plain Text

Pasting text inserts class="" at the beginning of a paragraph

This is actually by design and is meant to help users see that the main text can be copied but not the styles. Delete the class information that has been generated as plain text, then style the content as needed.

Browser Specific CSS Rules
Add CSS rules to a SiteExecutive page that are only shown to users on Internet Explorer

This is possible using what is called conditional comments in the HEAD section of the page/template you would like to apply this style sheet to.

If you would only like to detect whether the user is using you could use something similar to:

<!--[if IE]>

<link href="/bin/path/to/stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen"/>


More information can also be found on this topic at:

Applying the new Template and defining Navigation and Sub-navigation
When applying the campus template, you will need to define the navigation for the site using the "Navigation" tab that is located at each folder within your site (you must select the folder in the site-tree to see the tab).
  • You need to have an index.html page under the folder in order for it to expand (have sub-menu options). Also on the folder navigation options, you should link to the folder and not a page under it.
  • Also, check the "top level" box for the parent folder when defining the navigation options and links.
Trying to use slideshow that has
The campus template does not include a mootools library for dynamic slideshows by default.  So if you try to use mootools code, the slide will not work.

If you have a problem that is not listed above, please contact for further assistance.