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CMS Usage Guidelines

The Center for Information Technology Services Web Development Department purchased, setup, and maintains the backend administration of a Content Management System (CMS) for the UMB campus to use for creating, updating, and managing their websites.  Training on how to use the CMS (including training manuals) are offerred on a regular basis by the Office of Communications & Public Affairs in both classroom and one-on-one sessions.  Using the CMS is free and the Office of Communications & Public Affairs is available to assist developers with creating, designing, updating, and maintaining their websites.  The Communications office can setup the security for each website based on a group or individual basis for any object (folder/file/module).  To use the CMS or get more information about using the CMS, please contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs.

In order to ensure that the CMS is used in an appropriate manner, we ask that you follow the following guidelines.  If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact the Communications Office.

  • Content: Each department, school, or organization is responsible for creating, updating, maintaining, and reviewing the information that appears in their website.  The Communications Office can assist with making these changes; however, the content/information must be provided by the department, school or organization.
  • Content Review/Approval: Each of the seven schools and the administrative units are responsible for maintaining the content for their own web pages. The web developers/staff from each school or administrative unit will have the ability to make these changes as required without additional review or approval from the Communications office.
  • Templates: The standard UMB Templates have been created in order to help developers create a consistent look and feel for the various University of Maryland websites (get more information about the templates and standards.)  For more information about using other templates, please contact the Communications office.
  • Text Styles: The styles that are available in the CMS have been created by the Communications Office with the goal of providing numerous options and colors while still providing options that are consitent with the UMB Standard Template.  If your website requires different styles, please contact the Communications office so they can create customized styles for your website.
  • Website Size: There are currently no limitations to the size of any website in the CMS.
  • Non-CMS code: If a developer chooses to include code in their website by using a module, it is their responsibility to make sure that the code works properly and doesn't negatively impact the website, server or other websites.  If you have any questions about adding additional functionality, code, or experience problems while trying to add code via a module into your website, please contact the CITS Web Development Department for assistance.
  • Security: The CMS security is setup and maintained by the Communications Office.  If you would like to be added as a user or would like a new website created/added to the CMS, please contact Office of Communications & Public Affairs and they will create it for you.