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CITS Supported Applications & Services

CITS provides support for an extensive list of systems, services and training for UMB faculty, staff and students.  Please refer to the list below for more information and corresponding contacts for each area.

CITS Communications supported areas:

  • Voicemail (setup, changes, access, etc)  Forms and reference guide are available online.
  • Cabling (installing new voice and data outlets, changes to existing infrastructure, etc)
  • Telephone Services (installing new lines/phones/systems, maintenance/repair, etc)
    Phone Manuals and Tutorials are available online.
  • For phone work orders or issues with your phone, please send a work order request.

CITS Database supported areas:

CITS Directory Services supported areas:

  • Assistance in setting up or changing authentication using the UMB Directory Service (UMB-DS)
  • Questions or concerns regarding information stores in the central repository
  • If you are having difficulty logging into a system using your UMID, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

CITS Enterprise Training is offered for UMB Faculty and Staff.  Please email the Enterprise Training Group for more information.

CITS Infrastructure Services Group supported areas:

  • Assistance or concerns regarding managing the computing server infrastructure dedicated to UMB central and departmental campus applications. Campus infrastructure management includes server, operating system, system utility, and application installations and upgrades; capacity planning; backup and recovery; security monitoring; and performance tuning.
  • Please refer to Test Scoring page for more information.
  • Please refer to the System Infrastucture list for details on the hardware and applications supported. 

CITS IT Security questions or concerns should be directed to the Campus Security Officer.

CITS Networking supported areas:

  • Campus Fiber Infrastructure (installation, documentation, maintenance, etc)
  • Campus Core Network (routers, switches, IPS and firewalls)
  • Optical Fiber Cabling (installation, maintenance/repair, testing, etc)
  • Domain Name Services (DNS).  Please complete the DNS request form.
  • Oversee campus community networking standards

Software Licensing including the types of software available, please refer to the Software Licensing Office.

CITS Web Department supported areas:

  • Campus-wide website design & development standards
  • Content Management System (CMS) modules
  • Custom Coldfusion Applications
  • Establishing campus-wide standards for web application development and accessibility
  • Maintaining web servers for campus websites and applications

Please contact the IT Help Desk for any other item not listed above or refer to their support page for more information.