Center for Information Technology Services

Key Issues for Future Success

Faculty development, support. As UM rapidly transitions into greater use of technology for research, teaching and learning, effective support mechanisms will be necessary. Faculty will need to be informed about Internet2, and the capability of this powerful medium for research and collaboration. Faculty may need assistance designing on-line courses, and they need to feel comfortable and confident that support will be available and helpful. In addition, the development of emerging technology must continue and electronic learning environments further developed.

Funding information technology initiatives. Information technology initiatives can be extremely expensive. It is critically important, therefore, that the right technologies for UM are selected and funded. By taking advantage and employing the right technologies, the schools and the University as a whole will be in a better position to remain competitive and meet strategic goals.

Support services for enterprise-wide software. There are a few important objectives to be attained for resolving the issue of support for enterprise-wide software, e.g., PeopleSoft. The first is to create and implement a long-term plan for the instructional support of University-wide administrative systems, e.g., PeopleSoft and SCT. The second is to bolster daily service and support in the Center for Information Technology Services, including support for the use and navigation of PeopleSoft software. The third objective is to implement an operational plan for supporting the on-going functional and technical maintenance procedures associated with PeopleSoft and SCT administrative software. An enhanced and comprehensive support operation for PeopleSoft, SCT, and other administrative software will improve the University's ability to provide high level service to the campus community.

Retaining and recruiting IT staff. UM, like other colleges and universities, depend on effective use of information technology for research, teaching, and administration. With high demand for technology professionals, it is critical that we continue to recruit, retain, and retrain competent staff.