Center for Information Technology Services

End User License Agreement for Microsoft Software for Personally-owned Computers for Faculty & Staff

This acceptance form is valid for the Microsoft products listed below, which shall be referred to collectively herein as the "Software". Software is made available to you because University of MD has purchased software licenses for the Software through a Microsoft Academic Select License agreement. University of MD is extending to you the right to use the Software for work-related purposes at home. You are not licensed to use the Software at home for personal purposes. You do not own the license, the Software, or the DVDs. You will be required to remove the software from your home machine at the time of agreement expiration or your termination from employment.

Work at Home Use Rights have been granted by University of MD for the following products (referred to collectively herein as the "Software"):

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Office 2011 Standard
  • Microsoft Office 2008

For software related questions please contact the Software Licensing Office at (410) 706-8166 or with software questions.

For all other questions, contact Stephen Giermek at (410) 706-8166 or,  Fran Dominguez at (410) 706-7447 or, or Paul Petroski at (410) 706-8338 or