Center for Information Technology Services

University Business Cellular and Smart Phone Plans

Four major wireless vendors provide state and/or GSA contracts for cellular service and equipment used for conducting University  business. They are AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile and Verizon.  Contact information for each vendor representative can be found below.  Should you  need to know the procedure to acquire these services contact our Procurement Representative, Donna VonParis.  

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) has reviewed plans by most of these vendors and provides the following example of plans that might be appropriate for faculty and staff that have been authorized for a University plan.

For more information on these or other plans contact the representative(s) listed below: 

Brandon Gallion
Account Manager

Keli Page
Public Sector Account Manager

Michael Cardinal
Regional Account Manager

Jason Wood
Account Manager

Discount Cellular Services for Personal Use

Cellular wireless services and equipment are now available from Sprint/Nextel, AT&T Mobility (formerly known as Cingular), and Verizon to the University of Maryland community. These services are for personal use and are available for students, faculty, and staff. 

Services and equipment include cellular telephones, cases, batteries, power cords, chargers, airtime service, text messaging, voice mail, e-mail, caller identification, Web access, etc. Telephone devices encompass basic, standard and advanced levels of equipment.

Each vendor is extending discounted pricing to the entire university community, with actual discount levels based upon the type of account, equipment, and level of service desired.

Personal Use Plans for Students

AT&T Mobility

Personal Use Plans for Faculty/Staff 

AT&T Mobility


The Sprint Employee Discount site is available for University of Maryland employees to order service for new activations and upgrades, along with accessories for Sprint products.  The Sprint Employee Discount Program includes the following offers:

Ø  18% Discount on select rate plans

Ø  $36 Waived activation fee for new activations

Ø  $50 invoice credit with an online device purchase and new line activation (apply promo code “SAVE50” at checkout)

Ø  Free shipping with an online device purchase and new line activation


If you are a current Sprint customer and looking to obtain your University of Maryland employee discount:

Option 1: Visit and supply the Corporate ID: GVSMD_WCA_ZZZ

Option 2: Call 1-866-639-8354 and mention the University of Maryland Corporate ID: GVSMD_WCA_ZZZ

Option 3: Visit a Sprint store located in your area.  To find the nearest Sprint store:

* Employees will need to verify employment when a new account has been established or when an upgrade has been completed.

* To accelerate the process, provide the following Corporate ID: GVSMD_WCA_ZZZ.


Contact Harold Wintters, T-Mobile Advantage Program

For the latest promotions visit:  

  1. Call Advantage Direct (866) 464-8662 (option 1)

 **Be sure to identify yourself as an employee of The University of Maryland with  

      PROMO CODE 5962TMOFAV **

  1. Shop Online
  2. Find the nearest T-Mobile Retail Store :                                  

The benefits of the T-Mobile Advantage Program

  • 15% off rate plans on EVERY line on the account
  • 25% off Accessories (Only through the point of activation through Advantage Direct or Online)
  • No activation fees
  • No Annual Contract
  • Risk-free 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping with new activations
  • Free International Data & Texts - No charge for text and web in 100 countries covering 95% of all roaming traffic.
  • Introducing JUMP! Only from T-Mobile® - Upgrade when you want, not when you’re told.

Special Offers from Verizon Wireless:

Great news!  Your Verizon Wireless Online Employee Store is live!  The online store provides your employees with an enhanced shopping experience such as:

  • Access to your company’s employee discounts
  • A wide selection of calling plan options and phones
  • The ability to add a new line of service, upgrade an existing phone or add accessories
  • 24/7 access

Users can access the online store for this offer.  As a reminder, this online store is exclusively available for your employees who wish to receive discounts on their personal lines of service.  This does not impact the existing Verizon Wireless website for your company’s corporate-liable lines.