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Voice Communications, (410) 706-6858

Phone Manuals & Information

Cisco VoIP Phone Tutorial

VoIP: What and Why?

Cisco IP Phone 7941/7961 User Manual

Cisco IP Phone 7942/7962 User Manual

Cisco IP Phone 7945/7965 User Manual

Cortelco Phone Manual

National Do Not Call Registry:
You can register your home and mobile phone numbers by using this website in order to stop telemarketers from calling you.

With the convergence of voice and data over the last decade the CITS' Voice Communications Department is responsible for implementing and supporting  new communications technologies.

With Unified Messaging, voice mail is digitized and sent over the campus network to appear as messages in e-mail inboxes with wavefile attachments.

New VoIP telephones currently being installed on campus are networked devices with online directories and a large number of new features.


Operator Service:

  • Hours: 8AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday 
  • To reach an operator, dial '0' OR 706-3100

Telephone Services:
(410) 706-6858,  Email Workorders

  • Installation of new lines & phones
  • Installation of new systems
  • Changes to existing lines & phones
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Available line features

Voice Mail:
(410) 706-1307

(410) 706-6185

  • Installation of new voice and data outlets
  • Changes to existing infrastructure

(410) 706-4333

Networking Services

UMB Campus Network Documentation

Campus Fiber Infrastructure:

  • Maintenance of existing fiber
  • Oversee the installation of outside plant campus, as well as intra-building fiber
  • Keep current inventory for cable management package
  • Provide connectivity to building point of presence for schools and departments

Campus Core Network:

  • Maintain and configure core routers, switches and firewalls
  • Work with Schools and departments to provide connectivity to core

Campus Wireless:

  • Develop standards for campus wide wireless initiative
  • Work with Schools to convert wireless to campus supported standard
  • Maintain NAC (Network Access Control) Servers for guest and conference related wireless connectivity
  • Maintain SSID control for Wi-Fi enabled handhelds

Digital Signature

Domain Name Services:
  • Maintain the subnet allocation for campus and hospital
  • Host outside facing as well as internal DNS, DHCP and Time Servers

Detailed Network Troubleshooting:

  • Work with Schools and departments in troubleshooting network related issues
  • Discover and remove inadvertent rogue DHCP servers and wireless access points


  • Cisco specific solutions
  • Network configurations
  • Wireless configurations

Campus Standards:

  • Oversee the new construction and renovation projects on campus
  • Provide standards for Campus Community and vendors


Zia Mafaher
Executive Director, Networking & Communications

Joe Blanchard
Communications Manager


Kyle Condon, 410-706-3974

Kehinde Daramola, 410-706-6861

Shane Fearer, 410-706-3299

Richard Hartge, 410-706-1307

T.J Hontz, 410-706-8339

Steve Kratz, 410-706-8236

Michael Matlick, 410-706-7595

Maddie Pace, 410-706-8386

Nick Perry, 410-706-6185

Nancy Ragg, 410-706-4328

Bryan Smith, 410-706-8237

Elzenia Williams, 410-706-5495

Fred Witte, 410-706-6859