Voicemail FAQ

Q. How do I access my mailbox from an on-campus phone?

A. Dial 6-8000 or 141(speed dial). If calling from a line other than the one     your mailbox is on, upon hearing the security code prompt, press * # and enter your 5 digit mailbox number, followed by your security code. If when accessing the system you hear the system introductory message, press # followed by your 5 digit mailbox number.

Q. How do I access my mailbox from an off-campus phone?

A. Dial 410-706-8000 or 1-800-332-8622, press # and enter your five digit mailbox number, followed by your security code at the prompt.

Q. I’ve forgotten my security code. How can I access my mailbox?

A. Contact a voice mail administrator at 6-6858 and have them reset your security code with a temporary one which you can then personalize.

Q. How do I change my security code?

A. Upon entering your mailbox, press 4-1-4 and follow the prompts.

Q. Even though I set up my mailbox with my name and greeting, callers are hearing ‘the person you are calling is unavailable’. Why is this happening?

A. You have not set up a ‘busy’ greeting which is played to callers when your line is in use. After accessing your mailbox, press 4-1-3-1 and follow the prompts to record your ‘busy’ greeting.

Q. Why don’t all of the commands from the old system work with the new system?

A. While the new CallXpress system emulates the majority of the prompts from the old system, some of them are different or not available in the new system. Consult the CallXpress Quick Reference for available prompts.