Center for Information Technology Services

Student Services 

THE STUDENT SERVICES TEAM: The Student Services Team has responsibility for implementing and managing all student related systems. This includes working with the UMB central administration offices and schools to support the following systems:

  • Student Information Management System (SIMS):
    SIMS is the first enterprise-wide Client/Server application serving the needs of the UMB students, schools' administrative staff and several central campus departments. The system encompasses the full range of student services including:

    - Recruitment
    - Admissions
    - Registration
    - Financial Aid
    - Student Billing
    - Grading
    - Transcripts
    - Graduation
    - Records Management
    - Required statistical reporting to various State and certification agencies

    For more information regarding the SIMS project, please visit the SIMS web page at:

  • SURFS:
    SURFS (Student UseR Friendly System) is the web companion to SIMS. The SURFS web pages provide students with on-line, real-time information about their student records while here at UMB. Students can review their personal, registration, grades, academic record, Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid information using the new SURFS web page. They can apply for admission to some schools via SURFS, register for classes, select Financial Aid packages, pay tuition bills and update selected personal information.
  • MediaSite
    Lecture capturing system organized at each school level.  It is a video repository for class lectures and other school-related events. 
  • GoogleApps@Umaryland
    Acommunication and collaboration tool for students was implemented in Summer 2011. Students can share ideas quickly and get things done effectively when they have access to the same powerful communication and sharing tool. GoogleApps@UMaryland contains E-mail, Calendar, Docs, Groups, Sites, Talk, and Mobile Apps. There's no hardware or software to install. Everything is delivered through a standard web browser. Access is anytime, from anyplace! For more information about GoogleApps@UMaryland.
  • Blackboard Academic Suite:blackboard
    Blackboard’s (Bb) Academic Suite is the campus online course management system.  This system provides an environment in which any student, faculty and staff can view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance, and access learning resources anytime from anywhere in order to achieve their educational and organizational objectives.  Integrated with the Student Information Management Systems (SIMS), students registered for on-line courses are automatically registered in the corresponding Bb course. 

    An additional feature of the Bb Academic Suite is the Community Module.  This module allows the schools to brand their Blackboard web pages to uniquely identify with their students by adding school logos and other school-based information.  The Community Module also directly supports the campus
    ONECARD system, administered by Auxiliary Services, by providing a link between students, faculty and staff to Blackboard’s Transaction system to purchase goods and services on and off campus. 
  • Questionmark Perception:         
    The Questionmark Perception assessment management system enables educators and trainers to author, schedule, deliver, and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams for their courses.  Perception is a companion product used in conjunction with the Blackboard Learning system to seamlessly access course assessments directly from Blackboard.  Utilizing a Questionmark connector, course assessments are seamlessly linked and accessible to students and faculty at pre-determined dates and times in a secure on-line environment.

    Most course assessments are graded immediately upon the completion of the assessment and made available to students after they complete the assessment.  Grades are recorded in the Blackboard faculty grade book for submission to the SIMS system at the end of each semester.
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