Center for Information Technology Services

Business Services

The Business Applications Team has responsibility for central financial, human resource and research administration systems. This includes working with the UMB central administration offices and campus end users to support the following systems:

  • eUM Systems:
    eUM was a multi-year project to replace UMB's core administrative applications and all modules are now in production.  CITS has recently developed electronic timesheets for exempt employees that are fully integrated with eUM.  For more information, visit

    Modules comprising eUM systems include:
    - HR
    - Payroll
    - Time and Labor
    - Commitment Accounting

    - Electronic Timesheet (for all employee classes except faculty)

    - Electronic Travel request and expense reimbursement
    - Financials
    - Purchasing
    - Budgeting
    - Procurement Card
    - Grant Billing
    - Accounts Payable
    - Accounts Receivable

  • RAVEN:
    Reporting And Viewing ENterprise DATA. RAVEN is a tool that allows users to analyze and download information from eUM's financial system.  Data can be organized in numerous ways, examples are: Department, Program, Fund Source, Expense Type, Project or Grant Type.  RAVEN has the ability to "slice and dice" data in ways convenient to both large groups and persons with unique requirements.  To gain access to RAVEN, visit

  • UMB Telephone Tracking System (MySoft):
    The Telephone Tracking System (VOICECOM) produces telephone management and billing reports for UMB.  For more information, visit

  • Coeus:
    Coeus is UMB's fully integrated software solution that supports the research community's needs to electronically create and route proposals for sponsored research project grants to external sponsors, especially the Federal Government. It is intended to replace the legacy HP3000 Grants and Contracts System.  Coeus is composed of three main modules:

    • Proposal Development
    • Institute Proposal (Proposal Data Information Storage)
    • Award

  • Document Imaging/Management - ImageNow
    Currently 400 defined campus users working with the system and using this service.

    Value to the campus/savings already realized:

Significant cost savings associated with space required for paper storage and manual retrieval of paper documents

Instant access to documents which vastly improves business process efficiencies, thereby providing improved service to UMB students, employees, and customers

Integration with UMB’s enterprise business and student systems

Automated workflow that eliminates inter-office paper-based mail.

Positive adoption based on user feedback and number of successful implementations. Number of imaged documents currently residing in system is 600,000 consisting of over 1 million total pages.

  • Archibus - Space Management Administration
    UMB’s Space Inventory System contains the space-related data for all UMB-owned space that has been mapped to a floor plan. Space data includes building name/code, room code, room use category, assignable square footage, school and department ownership as well as other key data. Archibus presents data in both floor plan and report formats.