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Currently all UMB employees (Faculty and Staff) and all UMB students exist in the UMB-DS and can utilize it.  There are also over 1400 affiliate users that people in UPI, UMMS, Dental Corporation, UMBI, or other affiliation that require access to UMB-DS connected applications or services.  Anyone that needs to become part of the UMB-DS has the ability to do so upon application and sponsorship.

The goal of the UMB Directory Service (UMB-DS) is to:

  • Provide a central system for user authentication and identity information

  • Have a central repository that provides a common username and password for users to every application that use the service

  • Ensure demographic person data is consistent across enterprise applications by leveraging identity information

  • Require minimal user intervention and system administration to maintain

CITS has developed a number of resources for Schools and departments to use to employ UMB-DS (log in authentication required) in their environments, including:

  • A copy of the UMB-DS schema (the listing of all information stored for each user)

  • Code snippets that assist custom applications to connect to UMB-DS

  • Standard configuration data that LDAP capable applications typically require

  • Recent presentations and best practices

In addition, CITS is available for strategic and technical consultation concerning Identity Management and taking advantage of the UMB-DS by emailing us at DL-CITS Directory Services.

View the UMID Login Reference Guide.


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