Center for Information Technology Services


October is National CyberSecurity Awareness Month 

We lead Internet-connected, digital lives.  From our desks and homes to on the go, we work, learn and play online. Even when we are not directly connected to the Internet, our critical infrastructure—the vast, worldwide connection of computers, data, and websites supporting our everyday lives through financial transactions, transportation systems, healthcare records, emergency response systems, personal communications, and more—impacts everyone.

Cybersecurity is the mechanism that maximizes our ability to grow commerce, communications, community and content in a connected world.

The Internet is a shared resource and securing it is Our Shared Responsibility. Colleges and universities play an essential role in ensuring students, faculty and staff stay safe and secure online. The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) is participating in National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October to raise awareness about safe practices for using the Internet. CITS will be providing information on acceptable and responsible use policies throughout the month.

Some of the information that will be shared will be:

·         Online safety advice in daily posts of a good practice to follow

·         The STOP.THINK.CONNECT program

·         Where to get cybersecurity resources for your family

·         How to secure your mobile device and safe practices for using it

·         Understanding privacy, ads, and malware

·         Where to go for the latest information on cybersecurity and how to share it with friends

·         The steps to regain control in case your account gets hacked

·         How to stay up to date on online scams and how to report suspicious activity

·         A cybercrimes tip sheet to help you contact the appropriate authorities if you get scammed

·         The importance of backing up valuable work, music, and photos and ways to do it

·         How to keep a “clean machine”

·         How to make sure that online purchasing sites are secure

·         How to secure your home network

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