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 Blackboard Corporate Website

Blackboard Course Cartridge Catalog
What is a course cartridge?  A course cartridge is pre-packaged course material that is ready to use in Blackboard.  They contain material like slides, handouts, multimedia files, quizes, test banks, and links to other websites.  The cartridge material is often directly related to a text-book, but some cartridges can be used as stand alone components.

Assessment Tools

Questionmark's primary product Perception provides institutions with the capabiliity to create, deliver, and report on computerized assessments.

Software Secure's product suite Secure Exam provides insitutions with the ability to administer secure exams via Blackboard , Word, or Excel on Windows based computer systems.  The product locks out access to all other files and programs on the computer during the exam.   

Multimedia Production

Impatica products provide institutions with a mechanism to deliver narrated and animated PowerPoint content over the Internet without the use of plug-ins.  A major benefit of this product is its ability to be delivered without the use of server side software.

Camtasia Studio provides users with the ability to record professional looking full motion videos of PC desktop activity.  The benefit of this product is its ease of use.  Anyone can record on screen activity with the press of a button.  Output from Camtasia is available in a variety of formats to meet various application nee

Formerly known as RoboDemo, Captivate provides users with the ability to create interactive Flash simulations from recorded onscreen content.  The ability to add text captions, narration, and e-learning interactions easily makes this an excellent tool to create tutorials, demonstrations, or simulations.



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