Center for Information Technology Services

University of Maryland Baltimore
eLearning Steering Committee Meeting Notes
August 10, 2006
Prepared by: Chris Klimas

Attendees: Dave Pitts (SSW), Brook Botvin (CITS), Shannon Tucker (SOP), Chris Klimas (SOP), Sarita Sanjoy (Dental), Lowell Wilson (CITS), Lila Faulkner (Law), Fran Dominguez (CITS), Matt Rietschel (Nursing), James Craig (Dental), Dan Hughes (CITS)

Blackboard 7.1

The transition from 6.3 to 7.1 is complete. There was a bug with the Virtual Classroom feature, and right now instructors can see too much information about users -- their student IDs, notably. Lowell is working on this. Lowell will be also looking into getting rid of the Backpack link on the login page. Courses will be assigned to the various schools, so that direct administration of them can take place.

Some schools will be doing student batch loads on their own, other schools will continue to do it through ASC.

Organization Naming Scheme

Now that we have the ability to add organizations in Blackboard, a common naming scheme is needed. The consensus on this format is: The exact name used here is up to the school.

Campus-wide Blackboard Training

Matt would like to explore the possibility of having a campus-wide online training for Blackboard, to centralize resources and effort. It may be possible to pool efforts with UMBC as well. Brook suggested that the Enterprise Training group may be able to assist with this -- there is a central database they use to do tracking. Further discussion of this will take place in a subcommittee.

Next meeting: September 14, 2006