Center for Information Technology Services

University of Maryland Baltimore
       eLearning Steering Committee Meeting Notes
       September 8, 2005
       Prepared by: Chris Klimas

Attendees:   Dave Pitts (SOWK), James Craig (Dental), Bob Bennett (Dental), Julie Gilliam (CITS), Fran Dominguez (CITS), Lila Faulkner (Law), Dan Hughes (CITS), Jim Leoni (CITS), Everly Brown (HSL), Chris Klimas (SOP)

Previous Business

Lowell addressed many issues that had been brought up in the previous meeting:

  • The errors people noticed on the development server, where HTML code was displayed instead of rendered, are in the process of being fixed. Lowell has received instructions from Blackboard.
  • The QuestionMark demo will be set up in the near future. It is possible to maintain separate question banks, but assessments will have to be deployed on the same server. The server, of course, has provisions for access control.
  • The Dental School continues to work with Apreso to conduct a test run of their lecture capture system.

Maryland Blackboard Day at UMBC

It will take place on October 6, from 9 am to 3:30. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Jim sent details of this to eLearning committee members.

Online Training Demo

Chris demonstrated the School of Pharmacy's new online Blackboard training for new faculty and TAs. It was built with Macromedia Captivate, an inexpensive authoring tool for online demos. A custom backend was created to track progress. Right now only SOP faculty, staff, and students can access it, but guest access may added in the near future.

Next meeting: October 13