Center for Information Technology Services

University of Maryland Baltimore
   eLearning Steering Committee Meeting Notes
   May 12, 2005
   Prepared by: Chris Klimas

   Attendees:   Dave Pitts (SOWK), Fran May (CITS), Julie Gilliam (CITS), Brent Nickles (CITS), Sarita Sanjoy (SOM), Jeff Hawk (SOM), Eileen Patton (SOM), Shannon Tucker (PHARM), Chris Klimas (PHARM)


  • More work on creating a list of requirements/needs for an eLearning/ Learning Management System.
  • Preparations for our next meeting/visit with Blackboard.

eLearning System Requirements

The main concern seems to be secure assessments-- and it may be that we need to look to third-party solutions for this. SecureExam acts a shell around whatever examination software used, preventing students from accessing the rest of the Internet, copying test text, etc. QuestionMark's client is essentially a locked-down version of IE. The School of Law uses Exam4 from Extegrity, which provides security for word processing based exams and appears to be law-specific.

Our Next Visit with Blackboard

Blackboard representatives will be at our next committee meeting in June. It will be helpful to put together a list of the top 5 issues we're having with Blackboard so that our meeting can be focused. Everyone is encouraged to send these issues to Dave Pitts by close-of-business Friday, May 13 so that Blackboard has enough time to put together answers, review material,  and ensure technical staff who can speak to our problems can be there.

Two issues that emerged in discussion were what options we have in terms of integration with secure testing software, and what will be coming in the next AppPack release.

Next steps: Be sure to email Dave your top issues as soon as possible.

Batch Enrollment of Students

CITS is using a new method to enroll students into Blackboard courses using an interface within Banner. Any number of trial runs may be made without causing problems. The system will send the Helpdesk an email containing a file to be imported into the system using a batch enroll process.  Once this material has been processed, the helpdesk will send a report from the enrollment process back to the user who submitted the request.  Deno sent an email out to administrators that explains how the process works.

Next steps: If anyone has any questions about this procedure, contact Deno.

Possible Meeting With Tegrity

Tegrity, a company that provides automated archiving of class lectures, will be in town next week and would like to meet with us to do a demonstration of the software. Scheduling will be tricky because of commencement, but it may be possible to meet early next week.

Next steps: Information should be forthcoming about a date and time where the Tegrity demo will occur.

Archiving Courses

Shannon has begun archivng old courses, and in conjunction with Brent, has set up a possible process other schools could follow to move old courses into offline storage (i.e. CD-Rs or other permanent storage solutions). It's important to get instructors' permission before archiving, and to also double-check before removing the courses from Blackboard.

Next meeting:  June 9, 2005