Center for Information Technology Services

University of Maryland Baltimore
eLearning Steering Committee Meeting Notes
March 10, 2005
Prepared by: Chris Klimas

Attendees: Dave Pitts (SOWK), James Craig (Dental), Fran May (CITS), Jim Leoni (CITS),  Gary Lyons (CITS), Dorothy White (CITS), Vavian Cox (CITS), Alexa Mayo (Library), Shannon Tucker (PHARM), Chris Klimas (PHARM)


  • Recap of our meeting with Blackboard on 2/17. 
  • Old Blackboard accounts and SSN.
  • Account Requests for Outside Individuals (residents, visiting faculty, etc) what number should be used if we are migrating from SSN numbers. 
  • Attending the BB conference - whos going, registration fees, etc. 
  • Multimedia software for streaming PowerPoint with audio and/or video. 
  • eLearning committee name. 
  • Future projects.

Blackboard Feedback

Questions remain about our feedback to Blackboard regarding problems we’ve experienced. The last meeting we had with Blackboard reps was not entirely productive – it was more sales-oriented than an explanation of future steps Blackboard will be taking to address our concerns. One thing in particular to explore is using QuestionMark as a standalone app for assessments. We can also look at other Building Blocks to fill in gaps in functionality.

Next steps: Buzz had notes from the 2/17 Blackboard meeting. We’ll compare his notes with the Remedy tickets filed and proceed from there, possibly contacting Peter Murray.

Student ID Numbers

New students’ ID numbers are now auto-generated numbers instead of the Social Security numbers. ID numbers are only visible to faculty but there are still privacy concerns. Right now, old student IDs are converted to auto-generated numbers when students ask for a password change.\

Next steps: CITS will look at what would be involved with a more widespread student ID change. Faculty ID numbers may require special handling. In general, it’s agreed that SSNs should be phased out entirely in the future.

Blackboard Conference

If you are attending this year’s Blackboard Conference (April 12-14, Baltimore Convention Center), please contact Dave so we can coordinate which sessions to attend.

Multimedia Content on Blackboard

We briefly discussed different multimedia solutions that work with Blackboard. James mentioned using Impatica – a representative will be coming in soon to do a demo for interested parties.  Shannon has been using Helix Server – among its advantages is that it can stream many formats, including RealPlayer. She is also exploring using Microsoft Producer.

Future Projects

  • Putting together something for Founder’s Week
  • Updating the e-Learning site – Shannon has volunteered to look at revisiting the site

Next meeting: TBA (after Blackboard Conference)