Center for Information Technology Services

University of Maryland Baltimore
eLearning Committee Meeting Notes
November 13, 2003
Prepared by: Sarita Sanjoy

Attendees:  Dave Pitts (SOWK), Buzz Merrick (CITS), Nola Stair (SON), Bob Bennett (SOD), Brent Nickles (CITS), Jeff Hawk (PTRS-SOM), Sarita Sanjoy (PTRS-SOM), Ginny Stone (Library), Alexa Mayo (Library), Jim Leoni (CITS), Chris Phillips


    1. Review previous meeting notes
    2. Review eLearning/Technology Fair October 23rd
    3. News from CITS
    4. Accounting/Billing issues CE server
    5. Support issues
    6. Set agenda & pick minute taker for next meetings
  1. Review previous meeting notes
    Although the Notes were emailed to the group, there was only a single copy.  The minutes were briefly read by Sarita.

    Digression – Policy for record keeping: Bob Bennett received an email regarding this issue and the email said that there is no policy regarding the time frame or guidance on campus.  It is left to the schools and the individual departments.  Schools and departments can set policies on how long they would like to keep the records, set limits on when appeals are made by the students for both hard and electronic copies of students records.

    Action item:
    • Dave Pitts needs to forward this email to the group.
  2. Review eLearning/Technology fair held on October 23rd, 2003
    Comments included:
    • The event went on smoothly, well and pretty good for first time.
    • Asked if there was anybody who followed up after the event and the response was pretty much none.
    • Content was excellent. To contact vendors for the Spring efair, it is too early or too late???
    • Determine what kind of audience, those who are not using BB, identify learners group, timing, could have been organized in library if there was more time.  Also mentioned that the TEACH act information will be put up on the website
    • Find a high profile speaker maybe someone fro Canada
    • Follow up with Dr. McNamees’s contact
    • Name the event as Elearning & Eteaching Fair and schedule it for Valentine’s day in 2004.

    Action items:
    • Find when the Spring festival is and plan for another efair.
    • Vendors for the next efair
    • Panels similar to the PDA fair
  3. News from CITS
    There was a situation: one of the Nursing faculty lost their grade book from a blackboard course.  CITS told that BB support was not very helpful at all.  So they are recommending every faculty to export the grade book after every exam???  Maybe??  Recovery of this lost grade book would have been possible if there were people and hard ware resources.
  4. Accounting/Billing issues of CE server
    The Blackboard CE server is self-support, meaning all the schools or departments that use will have to financially support it.  Since in SOM only PTRS (Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science) uses (or will be using) this department will have to pay for the maintenance CE server and BB software license.
    The cost associated is $5 for every account created and software license will divided between everybody.  Every January the bill will be sent to the departments/schools using the BB CE Server.
    Feedback is awaited.
  5. Support Issues
    Nola Stair brought some great examples of other BB website and handouts.
    She recommended to put a footer about compliance to all the BB pages as a beginning step towards compliance.
  6. Next meeting
    Next meeting is on January 8th 2004 at 9:30AM in room C001 of the School of Social Work in the Law/Social Work building. 550 West Baltimore Street (it's the entrance on Baltimore Street closest to Greene St).  Jeff Hawk volunteered to take the minutes for this meeting.