Center for Information Technology Services

University of Maryland, Baltimore
Continuing Education Steering Committee

Minutes, March 13, 2003

Members in attendance: Jane Anderson (Medicine), Fran Huber (Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science), Jim Leoni (Admin Computing), Brent Nickles (CCITI), Chris Phillips (Asst VP Admin Computing), Barbara Zirkin (Pharmacy)

  1. 1. Marketing – Fran Huber will be attending a marketing seminar entitled: Successful Continuing Education Marketing: How to Boost Enrollments and Launch New Programs in Washington, D. C. on March 20 and 21, 2003. The web site for the seminar presenter is in case anyone is interested in attending. Fran will give a report on what was learned at the next meeting.
    2. Jane Anderson noted that the School of Medicine is looking into performing a needs assessment in order to develop future programming. This could also tie in to marketing.
    3. Requests for future agenda items yielded these topics:
    a. Establishment of costs for continuing education offerings based on market, and comparison among schools on campus
    b. Methods for enrollment of students for continuing education
    c. Methods for billing
    d. Development of structure that can be shared among programs on campus to address the above issues
    4. Brent introduced two issues for discussion:
    a. How will support be handled for CE participants? Discussion supported two approaches for this problem
    i. Creation of a “Required technical components” disclaimer for participants prior to enrollment in any course so that they know what can be supported.
    ii. Each school will assign or develop a method for handling these calls.
    b. Concerns were raised that since each school has a representative that can create accounts and create courses, there are many people who have access and can delete documents. What kind of oversight can be provided to prevent someone from erasing an entire course either accidentally or purposefully? Discussion did not solve this problem. The issue was tabled for further discussion.
    5. Next meeting scheduled for May 8, 2003, 10:30 am.
    Respectfully submitted by Fran Huber
    March 13, 2003