Center for Information Technology Services

BlackBoard CE Meeting

Attendees: Barbara Zirkin, Cynthia Boyle, Julie Kryder-Coe, Kent Buckingham, Brent Nickles, Paul Petroski

Paul updated everyone on where he is in getting buy-in for the cost allocation model.  Beside Social Work and Pharmacy he has spoken with the UPI about the use of the CE box and he scheduled to speak with Medicine at the end o f the month.  Nursing has not responded to his inquiry.  He will contact Warren Morganstein from the Dental school to see their interest.

Julie introduced the idea that Social Work has of using BB as part of their certificate program.  The discussion that ensued made us realize that the use of BB for certificate programs would not be much different from a regular on-line course would be from a system maintenance perspective. 

Cynthia asked about a mechanism of how to register and bill CE participants.  The ability to use BB for billing is not an option.  Julie shared with the group a product they use for registration, billing and certificate generation. 

The issue of school specific branding was once again discussed. To specific brandy it would have to be done at the course level.  Much like Pharmacy and Nursing do with the traditional course offerings.

Brent and Kent explained how they anticipated the CE operation to work.  The account and course creation function will be done by the schools.  Barbara suggested that Brent provide training on how this is done.  Additional Kent and Brent will finish the testing of the CE box and the application and give test accounts to those interested.   They will also publish a schedule of when the system will not be available for back-up and normal maintenance.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:30AM.

Respectfully submitted: S. P. Petroski