Center for Information Technology Services

Blackboard Steering Committee
Minutes for 05/09/2002

Blackboard Agenda

• Blackboard Meetings to be scheduled every other month:  Brent Nickles
-  The group has voted to alternate months for the meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 11th, 2002

Note: We still have the meeting room every month, so if we need to meet…please send me an email.

• Other Problems with XP/Blackboard:   Barbara Zirkin
-  Real presenter doesn’t work with XP.

• XP fix update:  Brent Nickles
-   I have a fix for XP.  I am talking to Blackboard support to see if they can give me an explanation of the bugs this patch addresses.  We will put this live on May 28th….please let bbsupport know ASAP if there are any problems.

• Copy Course Bug in Blackboard:  Brent Nickles
-  When a “COURSE QUOTA OVERRIDE” is turned on for a course, and you want me to copy the course to the next semester,  the course does not copy.  Blackboard has identified this as a bug, and I am currently working with them for a workaround.

• Webmail Tab:  Brent Nickles
- We will be adding a new tab that takes you directly to  This will hopefully eliminate the need for the mailspinner  (which is an additional $5000).  The mailspinner is used when you click the Web E-mail link on the MyUMB tab.
- Still no word on the release date of blackboard 6.0
- I will look into training/costs for blackboard 6.0.
- DBA’s currently testing another backup strategy.