Center for Information Technology Services

Blackboard Steering Committee
Minutes for 02/14/2001

Blackboard Agenda

• Adding additional buttons on the left side panel of the courses:  Marian Jackson
- We currently have 3 buttons that can be made to the instructors.   The virtual classroom , discussion boards, and groups.   The Committee has agreed to make these buttons available.  I will send an email to all instructors making them aware of the change, and I will turn this function on.

• The topic of backing up and restoring blackboard courses:   Sarita Sanjoy
- Blackboard runs on 2 servers, an application server, and a database server.  Each server has a full backup on Sunday.  Monday – Saturday are incremental backups.  In addition, a warm backup is performed daily on the database itself (Oracle).  
Instructors have the ability to ‘export’ courses that they own at any time.  However,
instructors do not have the ability to “import”, if you need to import a course back into blackboard, please send an email to

In version 6.0, Blackboard will allow the administrator to batch export courses.  This should eliminate the need of instructors exporting courses.
• Introduction to course cartridges – Barbara Zirkin
- Course cartridges can be imported into courses to enhance online content.  (We have tested with Mcgraw-Hill)  Instructors can see what cartridges are available to them by clicking the control panel, course utilities, import course cartridge, then click the link to visit the course cartridge server.  
- Two observations so far….an exported course will NOT archive the cartridge which means if you do need to import the course, the cartridge will need to be re-installed. 
Also, after the import, we noticed that the button styles/colors have changed, and an image was placed at the top of the course….could be a problem.

• Webmail/Mailspinner:  Kent
- We are still waiting on Blackboard to determine if this is an option.

• Offline Content: Can we duplicate CD’s at CCITI for this purpose?
- CCITI has a CD duplicator that can print black & white images directly on the CD.  The
cost for this service is $2.00/cd which includes the media, and the label.

• Real Server and video limitations.  Barbara Zirkin.
- Real Server is trying out new pricing to universities.  This new pricing
would include the entire UM System and have an unlimited amount of streams. We currently have a 200 stream license.  In the near future, we will be reallocating space on the server.  I’ll keep you posted.

• Archiving material for future use.  Barbara
- We currently are not archiving courses.  A plan will need to be created on how to approach this issue.

• Upgrading to Blackboard 6 and the level 3 upgrade timeframe.
- This is in the hands of our new CIO, Peter Murray.  

• Part time students and umnet accounts, a need for a standardized process that facilitates account management for off-site students.
- Kay Kazinski (CATS) has informed her staff and the Commons area to accept these requests from a point person at each of the schools.   If it is a mass-add process, contact bbsupport, if it is a password change request, please contact the Commons.

• Compatability with Windows XP and when will Blackboard address this problem.  Jeff Hawk
    - I have a ticket in with Blackboard as to when this will be fixed.