Center for Information Technology Services

CE Steering Committee
Minutes for 9/13/2001

Attendees: Brent Nickles, Brook Botvin, Jeff Hawk, Sarita Sanjoy, Marian Jackson,  Harry Debusk, Pat Dehorenzo, Kent Buckingham, and Barbara Zirkin

Continuing Education Agenda

" Defining CE: Kent Buckingham
- 3 types of continuing education:  CE for Credits (re-certification, re-license), taking courses that are curriculum based CE, Self guided CE.

" What are the needs of CE, how many courses, how many expected users?
- These are questions for the CE departments at the schools.  CCITI will identify the people in charge and invite them to the next CE steering meeting.

" What are the Selling Points of having CE online?
- Attract traditional students
- Public service to the state of Maryland
- Professional reputation of the University.
" What are the options for implementing?
- Outsource
- Another server?  (most likely Intel or Solaris)
- Campus Blackboard server.  (Not an option at this time)
NOTE:  CCITI will discuss with Blackboard the possibility/costs of another server.   Problems such as conversion of software between OS/version will be identified.

" Who is in charge of enrolling/creating courses? 
Question from Harry Debusk.   Most likely the schools, but we can revisit this question when the representatives will be here.