Center for Information Technology Services

Blackboard Steering Committee
Minutes for 9/13/2001

Attendees: Brent Nickles, Brook Botvin, Sarita Sanjoy, Marian Jackson, Tom Connolly, Kay Kazinski, Harry Debusk, Shannon Tucker, Kent Buckingham, and Barbara Zirkin

Blackboard Agenda

• Version 5.5.1 Update:  Brent
- problems with the portal and copying courses have been resolved.  I’ll look into virtual classroom concerns expressed by the committee.

• School has started!
- Remember to use bbsupport for technical questions/requests.
- Remember to use the forgot your password link.
- Remember the course availability function!
- There is only 1 blackboard system at the university.  Which means your login ID/password from last semester, is the same as this semester.

• Communication:   Kent Buckingham
- Just as it’s important for us to communicate with the steering committee, it’s just as important for the members of bbsteering to talk to the faculty, and faculty to talk to the students.   

• Statistics:   Brent
- As of  9/13/2001
- Number of users -   11522
- Number of enrolled users -  1507
- Number of instructors -   200
- Number of courses -   225
• Real Media Server Issues:  Kent/Brent
                      - people on 56K modems are having problems viewing real media files.  This is due to the way the media was created.  The default is to single stream media at an ISDN rate.  When creating the media file, you must choose sure stream, then check off at least 28.8k, 56k, and dual ISDN.  If you have any questions, please contact 
 Questions to/from the users:

1. User name changes and user ID changes - Brent
As users request name changes, this can affect the user ID’s…both on Blackboard and UMnet.  We need to have a policy on name changes at the university.  Kent will take this to the IT steering committee.