Center for Information Technology Services


Kent BuckinghamDentalkbucking@umaryland.edu6-0343
Bill BameUMMSbbame@umm.edu8-8811
Louis BothwellUPIlbothwel@upi.umaryland.edu8-2528
Michael CravenOEAmcraven@umaryland.edu6-2051
Werner DirlaNursingdirla@son.umaryland.edu6-0426
Paul DreyhoffOEApdrehoff@oeamail.umaryland.edu6-2074
Brad GerhartHS/HSLbgerhart@hshsl.umaryland.edu6-1814
Quinton HandyAdmin & Financeqhandy@admin.umaryland.edu6-2924
Albert HyblMedicineahybl@som.umaryland.edu6-0744
Tim MunnPharmacytmunn@rx.umaryland.edu6-8398
David PittsSocial Workdpitts@ssw.umaryland.edu6-3619
Greg SmithLawgsmith@law.umaryland.edu6-2065
Shannon TuckerPharmacystucker@rx.umaryland.edu6-1538

In addition to the campus-wide IT committees, there are three important advisory groups, and they are:  the Wireless Technology Advisory Group; Portal Advisory Group; and the Directory Services Advisory Group.  These advisory groups have specific charges that have been given to them by the IT Leadership.  These groups meet as needed in order to complete the charges and make recommendations to the IT Leaders.  These groups have been successful in providing common solutions for the benefit of all UM organizations.  For UM, the collaborative solutions model has spawned excitement since it has facilitated the completion of many important strategic initiatives.