Center for Information Technology Services


Aphrodite BodycombHS/HSL6-8853
Sharon BowserSOM6-0412
Kent BuckinghamSOD6-0343
David FlaxPsych IS8-5713
Barbara GontrumSOL6-7270
Kurt GruberUPI6-7341
Ed HeigerSOM8-1807
Chuck HenckFPI8-4263
Vicky HunterCITS6-2252
Walter MaleckiSON6-5841
Peter J. Murray, ChairmanCITS6-2461
Tim MunnSOP6-8398
Chris PhillipsCITS6-2261
David PittsSSW6-3619
Fred SmithCITS6-8337
Mike SmithCITS6-4832
MJ TooeyHS/HSL6-7545

The IT Leaders Committee includes the leader of IT in each school, library, hospital, FPI, and CITS.  This group meets once every three weeks and discusses tactical and operational issues that relate to the campus IT strategic plan as well as to school and department IT projects and activities.  Current activities and issues, pending implementations, and future plans for the deployment of technologies are the central themes discussed and shared in these meetings.