Center for Information Technology Services


Fred Smith, ChairmanCITS6-8337
Dave AhrensMedicine6-1071
Guy AlstonUMMS8-0799
Dave ChineaUMMS8-3059
Tim Clinton UMMS8-0802
Mark DonohueUMMS8-8857
Doug EngelNursing6-1921
Ben FaraoneUMMS8-8282
Dave FlaxMedicine8-5713
Will GormanMedicine6-5207
Kurt GruberMedicine6-7341
Ed HeigerMedicine8-1807
Mike JewellLaw6-5771
Tom KlineCITS6-4134
Matt Kramer
Brad Martin UMMS8-1019
Chris MeenanUMMS 8-2420
Tim Munn Pharmacy6-8398
Maddie PaceCITS6-8386
Jeff PlotkinCITS/Dental 6-3537
Scott StefanMedicine 6-2881
Bryan SmithCITS6-8237
Allen TraceyKernan410-448-6848
Ryan WhymsCITS6-3745

The Campus IT Security Standards committee includes representatives from each UMB school, major administrative area, the library, UMMS, UPI, and CITS.  The cross-organizational communication and work of this Committee has lead to the development of common policies and practices, and the collective enforcement of those policies.  By sharing expertise, knowledge, and resources, mutual benefits and success with information technology security has been achieved within, and across, organizational boundaries.