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CITS is the central information technology organization for the University.  CITS develops and maintains mission-critical information systems and technologies, e.g., human resources, payroll, finance, student, e-mail, research, teaching and learning, network infrastructure, web, and telecommunications.  Our mission and focus in the Center for Information Technology Services is to treat UMB students, faculty, staff, colleagues and co-workers as treasured customers.  Excellence in service to the UMB community is our challenge and responsibility.

IT Alerts

April 18th 5:00-5:30 a.m. - Maintenance on Core Network Routers
Maintenance will be performed on the core network routers on Friday, April 18th from 5:00 to 5:30 a.m. While no downtime is expected, there is the possibility of a network outage during this 30 min... [more]
UMB responds to the April 2014 OpenSSL (''Heartbleed'') Vulnerability

IT News

- UMB responds to the April 2014 OpenSSL (ýHeartbleedý) Vulnerability
Get the latest details about Heartbleed and what you should do to protect yourself.
- UMB Community System goes Live!
Providing a means of creating identities in the campus enterprise directory in a real time, electronic process.
- Check our Availability Metrics
latest monthly reports
- A New Way to Collaborate
CITS has recently introduced a new tool that facilitates collaboration among members of teams. Base... [more]
- CITS Enterprise Systems Training Enrollment Database
enables you to self-register for instructor-led classes on various administrative systems.
- Snippet - Video Tutorials
A collection of quick and easy solutions to common issues