Center for Information Technology Services

New Process Added for Students to View Immunization Records

A new capability has been added to SURFS (Student User Friendly System) which will allow students to view their Immunization Records online via the Student tab/Student Records link.  SURFS is the Student Web portion of SIMS, our Student Information Management System.  This self-service access for students to information which has ramifications not only for their health but also for their academic matriculation has been heralded by the Student Affairs deans of the various schools as a huge step forward. 

In the past, many students first learned of their non-compliance with some aspect of the campus’ mandatory immunization policy when they encountered a “hold” that prevented them from registering for the upcoming semester.  Now, when a student clicks on the “View Immunization Record” link, they will see whether they are compliant, missing a requirement, or expected to meet a requirement at a later date.  The notations for the different requirements also include the capacity to have comments associated with the requirement.

This “self-check” opportunity will likely reduce frustration and delay for students with regard to Immunization documentation and adherence processes, and potentially cut down on the volume of phone calls to Student Health Services.