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The Institute Launches New Website

The Institute for Innovation and Implementation (“The Institute”) may not be as familiar to most of us on campus as the School of Social Work with which it is affiliated, but that is about to change.  February marked the release of The Institute's new website,, developed with the aid of the CITS Web Development Group.  The website is designed to serve as a hub for the dissemination of information on Systems of Care, evidence-based and promising practices, and financing strategies for child-serving systems.  It provides a one-stop shop for visitors to review the full breadth of The Institute's work, upcoming initiatives, training, and the various services they provide.

Also recently inaugurated is a monthly online newsletter providing information on upcoming events of The Institute and its partner organizations, including featured articles about current trends, policy, funding, and best practices.

Their website also boasts access to a new Online Training Center, which will provide training for programs such as High Fidelity Wraparound, Systems of Care, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Core Competencies, and other topics provided on behalf of partner agencies.  Creating your "My Institute Profile" on their home page will allow you to register for trainings and events with one click, as well as track your completed courses, online or in-person, and print your certificates for those sessions.

Lastly, The Institute’s home page even features a link for subscribing to their YouTube Channel, which features real-time information on current topics in children's mental health.