Center for Information Technology Services

New Space Inventory System (ARCHIBUS)

Good news for users who were frustrated using the old space inventory system, OSIS:  CITS and the Office of Capital Budget and Planning have replaced OSIS with a new, modern, and easier-to-use system known as ARCHIBUS. In ARCHIBUS, Schools and departmental offices can now easily review their assigned space and download that information into Excel or Microsoft Word for presentations. New color-coded floor plans clearly show what department(s) is/are assigned to rooms, the square footage of each room and the primary use for each room.   The colored floor plans can also be exported to Microsoft Word, and from there integrated into any document.

Short, focused tutorials (known as UPKs, for the authoring system used to create them) are available to explain how to log into the Space Inventory System for the first time and to guide you through the basic steps needed to locate data or a floor plan.  To access the tutorials, first log into the myUM Portal  On the Enterprise Menu pagelet click on UPK Tutorials – Browser (or UPK Tutorials – HTML), and then expand the topics under UMB Space Inventory System to find what you need to know.

Future Enhancements
The capability to assign employees to rooms will be made available in early Fall 2013.  With this additional functionality, a much wider range of campus reporting requirements can be satisfied.  

If you experience difficulty logging into UMB Space Inventory System, please contact the support team at