Center for Information Technology Services

The Evolution of UMVibe, Introducing Version 2.0

Novell Vibe is a secure web-based tool for sharing information and working collaboratively among groups of people.  As of January 2, 2013, UMVibe, as it is known on our campus, has been offered to faculty and staff to share documents and work in teams on projects that require group authoring.

Since that date 191 persons have logged in as users.  Forty of these are non-UMB colleagues who have been invited to be part of collaborative teams created in UMVibe.  Forty-eight such teams have been formed, so apparently several people are doing double duty on the teams.

During this “shaking out” period we discovered a number of anomalies in Vibe that needed to be addressed.  They included issues with the Landing page, the Internet Explorer 8 browser, the menus for editing documents, issues with certain versions of Java, and others.  We have been successful in resolving these issues. Dozens of people are logging in daily and accomplishing good work with few if any problems.  They are sharing documents, calendars, and opinions with their teammates.  Workspace Administrators have been trained to help people use the application for work.  Support has continually improved, with customized instructions, videos, and online demonstrations being added as called for.  The potential for using UMVibe as a primary means of group collaboration has been demonstrated.  

Recently the Workspace Administrators were reengaged to check in with their comments on how well UMVibe is working.  Together they have developed a short list of core services which should work 100% of the time, as well as a second list of usability improvements desired to make UMVibe more intuitive for new users.  We are enthusiastic that these changes can all be made in a relatively short period of time.  This work would be accompanied with new communications, additional support and training resources, and a well-defined enhancement path.  The goal is a solid, user-friendly application that can be supported as an enterprise tool available to all faculty, staff, and students who are integral to the functioning of Vibe Teams: UMVibe Version 2.0.