Center for Information Technology Services

New Processes Feed Data and Payments into the Student Information Management System

Our campus has been using SIMS, our Student Information Management System based on Banner software, for over 11 years now.  But creative people in the various schools keep developing new ways to use it.  Here are a few new uses developed by administrative staff campus-wide, working with the IT professionals in CITS:

A new process has been created to load final grades into the Banner Class Roster form (SFASLST).  This new process requires that an ASCII file be created by the school in a predetermined file layout.  The School of Law and the School of Pharmacy used this new process to load their Fall 2011 grades into Banner.  In addition, the School of Nursing is working to come up with a Blackboard solution that can be shared with other areas.  For more information, please contact Deno Tufares (

Not everyone knows that “Sallie Mae” (from an acronym for the Student Loan Marketing Association) is in the business of offering administrative solutions and services to help educational institutions process student funds.  On our campus the Dental School has now joined several other schools/departments in using a solution provided by Sallie Mae to allow their DDS students as well as their Dental Hygiene students to pay their admissions application fees via credit card.  This is especially helpful for processing payments accompanying online (Web-based) admissions applications. In addition, the School of Pharmacy is now using the same Sallie Mae-provided solution to accept admissions applications fees via credit card from their PHARMD (Doctor of Pharmacy) students.