Center for Information Technology Services

Snippets – Short Video Training Tutorials

Each month the CITS IT Help Desk receives over a thousand calls for help from students, faculty, and staff.  An analysis of these call records reveals a notable amount of redundancy.

In an effort to better serve the campus community and reduce repetitive questions and answers, CITS is creating video tutorials, called Snippets, which illustrate solutions to some of the commonly-asked questions.  By design each Snippet is short – about five minutes – just enough time to give a quick yet thorough explanation and get you on back on task.

Currently, the CITS collection of Snippets demonstrates how to:

New Snippets are being created all of the time.  If you have an idea for a problem that can be addressed or a procedure illustrated with a Snippet, let us know!  Send your idea to Brook Botvin, Manager of IT Training, at