Center for Information Technology Services

Strategic Planning and IT Team Activities

The Strategic Planning IT Fundamental Area Team is charged with creating an enhanced organizational structure for information technology as well as developing IT solutions that support the goals and tactics in the Theme and Fundamental areas of the University’s Strategic Plan.  

The Team has been meeting on a regular basis and has done extensive environmental scanning to collect information from other higher education institutions, private corporations (e.g., Apple and Google), and internal campus constituencies.  Video and audio conferences were held with individuals at peer institutions as well as with individuals at other research universities to learn about their IT governance models and organizational structures.  Representatives from Apple and Google corporations met with the Team to make presentations regarding how their company technologies will reshape the academic landscape in the future.  A University-wide Town Hall was held to collect information from the campus community.  The Town Hall was very well attended and excellent input was provided by the attendees.  

In addition, several Focus Group sessions were held to obtain targeted feedback from faculty, students, staff, and administrators regarding: 1) Enterprise IT,  2) Technology and Education, 3) Technology and Research, and 4) Technology and Clinical operations.  These sessions have been invaluable in gathering information pertaining to these mission-critical domains.  The information collected will be used to develop a conceptual framework for IT governance and organizational structure as well as to help in defining the operational aspects of these frameworks.  

The process and timeline is to develop goals and tactics over the next four months so that the IT Fundamental Area part of the Strategic Plan can be completed by the end of September, 2012.  Environmental scanning and collecting information from the campus community will continue for the next couple of weeks, so if you were unable to come to the Town Hall or to a Focus Group meeting, and have ideas for how to enhance the organizational structure for IT and/or how to enhance the IT environment to better support academic and business operations, please send your comments to either Dr. Christian Stohler, Dean of the School of Dentistry ( or Dr. Peter Murray, Chief Information Officer and Vice President