Center for Information Technology Services

Survey Results Indicate that Satisfaction with CITS Services Runs High

During a survey administered recently by the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS), 96 percent of faculty and staff and 94 percent of students indicated “satisfaction” with CITS services.

The survey was conducted through email to a random sample of approximately 4,000 faculty, staff, and students. Out of the 2,000 faculty and staff members surveyed, 527 responded (a 27 percent response rate). Out of the 2,000 students surveyed, 294 responded (a 15 percent response rate). “Satisfaction” percentages included scores of 3 or better on a Likert opinion scale (1-very dissatisfied to 5-very satisfied). 

The survey covered topics such as the IT Help Desk, the University’s wired and wireless Internet-access network, information systems, communications updates, CITS training, and discount software.

The IT Help Desk received some of the highest ratings, with over 95% of faculty, staff, and students indicating satisfaction with the service’s professionalism. Other aspects of the Help Desk that were rated highly include the ability to contact Help Desk staff, timeliness of initial responses, problem solving, and turnaround time.

Faculty and staff were very pleased with both the availability and reliability of the wired (97%) and wireless (80%) networks. More than 95 percent of faculty and staff respondents indicated satisfaction with email and telephone services, and 85 to 96 percent with information systems such as Blackboard, Coeus, and eUM (HRMS & Financials).  Faculty and staff also recorded satisfaction with CITS directory services (95 percent), research computing (94 percent), and with services such as Accellion (100 percent) and Mediasite (94 percent).

Students recorded satisfaction with Blackboard (84%) and the Student (SURFS) System (85%), as well as with the discount software available to them through CITS (88%). Students, faculty, and staff were most dissatisfied with the guest registration process on the wireless network, and only 69 percent of students recorded satisfaction with the ease of connecting to the wireless network.