Center for Information Technology Services

Tools to Help You Fight Spam and Phishing

Did you know you can help the University fight the crusade against cybercriminals?  Fighting spam and phishing attempts and not falling victim to social engineering attacks is everyone’s responsibility. “Spam” is electronic junk mail, unsolicited bulk email messages that are sent indiscriminately to individuals, mailing lists or newsgroups.  “Phishing” emails are attempts by unscrupulous individuals to gain access to personal information which they should not have.

The University email security appliance, called “IronPort,” is our front-line defense against spam and phishing.  IronPort blocks and quarantines suspected e-mail messages.  It can sometimes be a bit overzealous, however, so if you get an email message with the subject “IronPort Spam Quarantine Notification,“ be sure to click the link labeled “your email quarantine,” so you can view all the messages that are set aside there and decide which to delete and which to release as safe.

For more information on phishing and how to recognize and report phishing attempts or spam, see:  Included on this web page you will find instructions on how to report phishing attempts or spam. 

For more information on Ironport, see:

Remember that the University will NEVER ask for your user login credentials in an email message.