Center for Information Technology Services

New Features and Functions for SIMS

Our campus has been using SIMS, our Student Information Management System based on Banner software, for just over 10 years now.  But creative people in the various schools, working with the IT professionals in CITS, keep developing new ways to use it.  Here are a few recent developments in the SIMS world:

The Department of Epidemiology and Public Health is now accepting credit card payments in Banner web admissions.  This enables students to make payments online, as well as submitting other application materials.

The Law School has completed implementation of the Banner CAPP—Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning module.  They are using it for degree audit, verification and advising for third-year day, and fourth-year evening students.

The School of Social Work purchased a third-party vendor product called TargetX to use for recruiting and web admissions.  CITS worked with the vendor as well as SSW personnel to insure that their specific web admissions information would load correctly into Banner.