Center for Information Technology Services

New UM Identity Reflected in Enterprise Systems Names

We’ve all seen the striking banners proclaiming the University’s new brand, an illustration of our new identity:  We are no longer the University of Maryland, Baltimore; we are the University of Maryland.

Rebranding the University is a detailed and time-consuming task. In the past decade CITS has included “UMB” in the names of systems, data elements, IDs, and websites. All of those will change to reflect the University’s new name and logo. For CITS, it will be especially challenging because our written documentation, policies, training materials (including videos), and systems use “UMB” again and again. 

Beginning this fall, familiar names will change to names that will become familiar over time. Iconic names like “myUMBid” and “eUMB” will change to “myUMid” and “eUM Systems.” UMB Mail will become UMmail and myUMB Portal will become myUMportal. UMB Alerts will become UMAlerts. The UMB OneCard will become UMOne Card. Other systems, sites, policies, and documents with UMB in their names will change to the new format. If a form asks you to enter your UMid, don’t worry—your myUMid is the same as your myUMBid. 

When will all this happen? It’s happening already. Throughout the campus, you can see the new logo and branding—and you will see more and more of the new nomenclature as CITS touches each of its supported systems. Because there are so many things to change, there will be a transition period where you may see both the old and new naming conventions used.

For questions about name changes in enterprise systems, contact Chris Phillips at
Below is a list of branding name changes:

Previous NameNew Name
eUMB SystemseUM Systems
myUMB PortalmyUM Portal
UMB Account ManagementUM Account Management
UMBOne CardUMOne Card