Center for Information Technology Services

300 West Lexington Computing Facility -- Update

The University computing facility at 300 West Lexington Street is now fully operational.  The facility is connected to the campus network backbone.  It also has network connections to UM schools and departments and to the high-speed national research networks:  Internet2 and the National LambdaRail.  It is helping the campus, schools and departments by providing backup and disaster recovery solutions to existing systems, by making storage and computational power available to researchers, and by replicating mission-critical University systems to ensure a highly-available computing environment for students, faculty, and staff.  By sharing common space and equipment, it is facilitating collaboration and interoperability across schools, institutions and disciplines. 

Currently, 45 faculty members are storing their research data on shared equipment that is located in this facility.  During this fall, server hardware that supports University, school, and department systems as well as research projects will be installed in this facility. The value-added of this computing facility is that it is synthesizing a common computing infrastructure with University, school, department and discipline-specific hardware, applications, and digital assets.  If you are interested in finding out how you can use the equipment and/or space in this facility, please contact Jim Leoni at 6-5895, or via email at: