Center for Information Technology Services

Research Computing Support Program Satisfies Faculty Requests

The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) has developed a long term research support plan.  It was developed, and continues to be enhanced, with expert advice from a Faculty Research Advisory Committee. The plan calls for at least three stages of support:

  1. Provision of storage space for backing up research data,
  2. Access to a computing cluster to provide cycles for  massive calculations, and
  3. Provision of subsidized primary storage space for research data.

In stage one, CITS has processed forty-five requests for backup storage and has provisioned fifty-nine terabytes of storage.  These requests have come from twenty-three departments in four schools. Fulfilling requests often involves meeting with faculty members to explain the program, assisting them in devising a backup strategy, and developing secure access procedures to their respective storage shares. The storage hardware has the capability to grow.

In addition, CITS has built a small computing cluster that is used regularly for long-running calculation programs.  The plan is to continue to provide a service that meets the needs of faculty, and if necessary, to increase the power of this resource over time.  The enhanced research data processing capabilities will help the University in creating an environment that is attractive to new researchers and potential employees.

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