Center for Information Technology Services

One-Stop Shopping for Courses and Textbooks

At the request of Auxiliary Services, CITS has implemented the Barnes and Noble Registration Integration System into SURFS (Student User Friendly System), which is the student-centric web-based interface to UMB’s Student Information Management System.  This system has provided students with the ability to review their registration, grades, academic records, and financial information online in real time.  But now this system also allows students to purchase textbooks as a seamless transaction integrated with the online course registration process.  

The “Order your Textbooks” link has been incorporated into the SURFS Registration Menu page, Registration page, and Course Schedule pages.  Student course registration information is transmitted to the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore website, initiating the transaction.  Since the system knows what textbooks are needed for specific courses, the student is not required to enter the information.

How it works:
Upon clicking the “Order” link the student is directed to the B&N UMB store textbook page, which contains the following information:

  1. The shopping cart is pre-populated with the course materials matching the selections that they made during the registration process.  The student is able to select “new/used” textbook preference, remove items or change the quantity of items to be ordered.
  2. For the course that has no textbook information, the textbook listing page will contain a Pre-Order entry allowing the student to order the textbooks in advance of the bookstore having that information. 
  3. For the course that is unrecognized (either course does not exist or course was not transmitted to the bookstore’s textbook system), a message is provided requesting the student to try again later.  

During the checkout process, the student can choose to pick up the materials from the UMB bookstore or have them shipped to a specific address. For further information about what you can do with SURFS, log on assistance, etc., go to